Some years ago the poet and video artist Andrea Dorfman produced a lovely, intuitive film about loneliness – very apposite during the current social restrictions.

You can see How to Be Alone below, and we think people will be both moved and encouraged by Andrea’s work.

New work published in 2020:

This year, in response to the Covid crisis, Andrea has produced another poem/film which resonates deeply with us all. (…does contain some strong language.)

How to Be at Home is another wonderfully encouraging and thoughtful reflection. The gentle graphics are inspiring and restful, and the words are, we think, elemental to anyone who is shielding or at home as the winter approaches.

Anrea Dorfman – not an answer, not a cure, but a discourse and visual treat that recognises we are not alone, even though we may be separate.

Visual treats for the eye, gentle words for the mind…