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In the midst of a crisis there is always a huge wave of on-line content that can range from the mis-leading to the outright dangerous.

Here is a sequence of links to resources that will help you develop ‘digital resilience’. The ability to cope with the web and new-streams on difficult subjects, but also to support parents, carers and children and young people you may have concerns about in maintaining their mental well-being.

We’ll review and change them regularly as we update our client resource pages.

What is Digital Resilience – The BBC tells you in one minute bites…see more.

Vodafone UK – Digital Parenting

This is a great resource from the digital giant. Packed with good advice, clear explanations and even a magazine you can subscribe to.

Supporting each other at home…

Emma Bunton and her family took Vodafone’s Digital Family Pledge to get up to speed on four hot topics – screen time, social media, cyberbullying and gaming – and agree some digital house rules together. Here she shares what she’s learnt’.

Source: Vodafone UK – see more here.

Parent Zone : Experts in family digital life

Another comprehensive resource, specifically aimed at adults – parents and carers – who may have concerns about technology, setting up your kit to be safe and a whole range of broad support for the concerned.

Is it real?

We particularly liked the information on the Self Esteem Hub, where parents and carers can find reflection and information of supporting young people they may have worries about.

Showing how reality and image are often disconnected in a negative way, at any age! See more

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