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Calming cello, wonderful landscape

Patrick Dexter, a musician based in Ireland has been posting his outdoor performances on the web for some time now.

Not only is the performance itself a constant joy, but the context of the work, the landscape, his dog and the breeze blowing through the scene, all add to the restful ambience.

Enjoy the work, and search for Patrick Dexter Cello on YouTube to discover more.

Restful and calm, an Irish experience

New music therapy resources…

Belltree Music Therapy CIC, based in Brighton & Hove in Sussex, have recently released a set of free video resources, using music as the key element of supporting your well-being.

Explore a different landscape…

The films do not include therapy sessions, of course, but are delivered for different age groups by qualified music therapists. Great to dip into and return to whenever you need to.

Discover Belltree on-line on our Art & Culture page here

Music image: Kelly Sikkema, Creative Commons, Unsplash

Innovative resources – for you…
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